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By Anna Claybourne

ISBN-10: 1408124203

ISBN-13: 9781408124208

Packed packed with examples of the main disgusting and repulsive issues at the planet.

The revolting and engaging ebook is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive issues bound to attract readers of every age. The content material is split right into a diversity of different types, from offensive animals, vegetation, and different creatures to meals, innovations, and naturally, a variety of revolting human physique bits akin to snot, scabs, and earwax. every one web page has a Yuck issue score and outline, besides images and illustrations. Sidebars comprise additional gross information and tips.

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Leaf frog The Surinam toad has a strange body shape, too – almost completely flat, like a leaf. this happens, and the pockets get bigger and push together, making a honeycomb pattern. After several months, the baby frogs shoot out of their chambers and swim free. By now each baby is around 2 cm (1 in) long. They can usually burst out by themselves, but if they aren’t strong enough, the mother can use her back muscles to push them out. Pop! yuCk faCtor! t from When the froglets burst ou y the under their mother’s skin, ry!

YuCk faCtor! this big Being home to a parasite a. ide ive is a really repuls eggs Tapeworms lay eggs that come out of your bottom when you use the toilet. In countries with poor sewage systems, dirty water from toilets can get into water that’s used for drinking or for washing food, so tapeworms can spread easily. You can also catch one from eating raw meat from an animal, such as a pig, that has a tapeworm itself. This tapeworm was living inside a pet cat! Yuck! To avoid tapeworms, always wash your hands before eating, and steer clear of undercooked meat and fish.

YuCk faCtor! A disgusting fungus, but it its uses and admirers. has 50 dIsgustIng nature heaD louse Ugh! Out of all the disgusting creatures in this book, the head louse is probably one you’ve been closest to. Head lice spend their whole lives on human heads – very often children’s heads. They feed by biting your scalp and sucking your blood – which makes you incredibly itchy. … Head louse eggs, or nits, glued to human hair. DiD you know? scientists have found that head lice prefer to live in girlsÕ hair!

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