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By Helen Otway

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Comic strip duo make interpreting a voyage via gruesomeness - extra fascinating than the typical reference book.*Gruesome evidence are renowned on radio, television and in e-book format.*Appeals to oldsters because it encourages youngsters to widen their reading.*Children will get pleasure from telling family and friends approximately their analyzing.

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Beef tripe is from the first three of a cow’s four stomachs: the rumen makes smooth tripe, the reticulum gives honeycomb tripe and book tripe comes from the omasum. Elephant ears are a popular snack in the United States. Fortunately, they are not animal parts but pieces of fried dough sprinkled with sugar. Shaw’s Bistro and International Tapas Bar was the first restaurant in Scotland to serve rattlesnake, crickets and locusts. Gruesome Food Facts Caffeine is a plant substance that paralyzes and kills insects.

Louis barber Bill Black used the hair clippings swept from his floor to make vests, shirts, ties and even a bikini! The corpse had not decomposed but had become mummified in the hot, dry conditions at the time of his death. Who wouldn’t be scared? American man Matt Gone was so unhappy with his birthmarks that he has had 94 per cent of his body covered in a checkerboard tattoo. Three million of your red blood cells die each second! Luckily, your body is replacing them just as quickly – one drop of your blood contains five million red blood cells.

A young Wisconsin factory worker became trapped in a chocolate vat for two hours after he waded into it up to his waist to pull out the plug. Nearly death by chocolate! Raw red kidney beans contain a toxic enzyme called phytohaemagglutinin, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea. The beans are made safe to eat by hours of soaking and boiling. Tinned ones are fine! qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 47 47 Fuqi feipian is a Chinese dish that translates as ‘married couple’s lung slices’ and is made of thin slices of spiced cow’s lung, served cold.

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