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N o w fan one of them. Which dries first? T h e one which was fanned is sure to dry first. T h e wind carries the particles of water away faster t h a n the air which is not moving so fast does. T h e little particles of water are called molecules. 4. Does heat help water evaporate? Use two towels t h a t are exactly the same size a n d kind of material. Fold the two together and put them in w a t e r . T h i s w a y t h e y will e a c h get exactly t h e s a m e amount of water. Now hang one of the towels in a warm place a n d one of t h e m in a cold place.

41 ELECTRICITY 1. How can the current in the electric magnet be turned off and on more easily? Connect one wire of your electric magnet to the dry cell. Connect another cotton-covered copper wire to the other terminal of the dry cell. Find a small block of wood about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. Hammer 2 small nails into the block of wood about 1 Vz inches apart. Now w r a p the loose end of wire from the electric magnet a r o u n d one nail and the other loose end of wire a r o u n d t h e other nail.

M a n y metals are good conductors of electricity. A fuse helps protect homes from fire. A light b u l b lights because t h e fila'ment becomes very hot and gives off light. 57 Static electricity can be produced by rubbing. Like electric charges repel each other. Unlike electric charges attract each other. 1. What happens to water left standing in a dish? Find three dishes all alike. Put a teaspoonful of water in one dish, two teaspoonfuls of water in another dish, and three in the other. Place them side by side and let stand.

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