New PDF release: 49th Fighter Group: Aces of the Pacific

By William N Hess, Chris Davey

ISBN-10: 1841767859

ISBN-13: 9781841767857

The forty ninth FG was once despatched to Australia in early 1942 to aid stem the tide of jap conquest in Java. Too past due to save lots of the island, the gang went into motion within the defence of Darwin, Australia, the place the Forty-Niners’ handful of P-40E Warhawks have been thrown into strive against along survivors from the defeated forces that had fled from the Philippines and Java. This ebook assesses the exceptional functionality of the forty ninth FG, pitted opposed to more suitable eastern forces. via VJ-Day the gang had scored 668 aerial victories and received 3 exceptional Unit Citations and ten crusade stars for its impressive efforts.

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