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Of course, the prohibí- 40 Barriers in situ tion against intermediate CP-adjunction of a long-distance-moved wh-phiase follows straightforwardly from the PUB. ) Summarizing the findings of this section, we can state the following generalization concerning the barrierhood of CP. (41) CP is a barrier for everything included in C', but not for SpecC. 4. 1. Structural and lexical factors As is well known, extraction from NP depends on both structural and lexical factors in English and German. , for instance, Fanselow (1987: ch.

B. Why¿ do you think [cp t¿ that [ip she left early t¿ ]] ? Suppose that the initial subject trace in Specl in (8-a) is not antecedentgoverned by t· in the presence of a complementizer (see below). Since subject traces are also not θ-governed, t¿ in (8-a) receives the feature [-7] at Sstructure. Given that 7-marking may never apply to a 7-marked trace, (8-a) violates the ECP (7) at LF. Similarly, the initial adjunct trace t¿ in (8-b) is not properly governed at S-structure. But adjunct traces, by assumption, are 7-marked only at LF.

Pp Uber wen about whom geschrieben ? written d. *[pp Uber wen about whom geklaut ? stolen hat [NP ein Buch t¿ ] den Wolfgang has a booknom ART Wolfgang a hat den Wolfgang [NP ein Buch t¿ has ART Wolfgangacc a book nom hat der Wolfgang [NP ein Buch t, has ART Wolfgang nom a book acc hat der Wolfgang [NP ein Buch t¿ has ART Wolfgangnom a book acc In (42-a) and (42-b), ω/nnovement of the PP über wen ('about whom') has applied from a nominative subject NP, and the result is ungrammatical. Observe that it does not appear to play a role whether the subject NP is separated from the verb by a direct object (as in (42-a)), or is actually adjacent to the verb (as in (42-b)).

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