Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan's A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language PDF

By Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik

ISBN-10: 0582517346

ISBN-13: 9780582517349

An vital shop of knowledge at the English language, written via the various best-known grammarians on this planet.

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Billi seems to usj [ti to like each otherj ] Essentially, it is no longer relevant that the trace induces an SSC configuration for the binding relation between the experiencer argument of seem and the object in the infinitival clause. The trace, which inherits the referential properties of its antecedent and is not coreferent with the object in the infinitival clause, now counts as a subject for the SSC, which can be simplified to contain no reference to specifiedness. For example, if the reciprocal in (21b) is to be bound in a configuration .

Chomsky (2001) proposes that feature valuation and deletion are in fact closely linked. g. φ-features on T, Case). These features, having morphological realisation, must thus be present in the PF-representation, though if indeed they are not semantically interpreted they cannot be present in the LF-representation. Chomsky’s idea is therefore that these features must be valued during the derivation, making them legitimate at PF, yet they must be erased as part of the Spell-Out operation transferring the syntax to LF.

Theyi like [theiri books] (48) a. John heard [a story about himself] b. Johni heard [a story about himi ] Clearly, the expected complementary distribution of anaphors and pronouns breaks down in these environments, and this matter is particularly pressing since, unlike the environments where anaphor binding is possible across a clause . Indeed, I feel that there is a contrast between (45a) and (45b), with (45b) rather worse. . If so, then the contrasts between (43a) and (43b) and (44a) and (44b) must also be due to these factors, which are sometimes thought to be related to ‘point of view’ or some measure of discourse prominence.

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