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By Michael Anissimov

This advisor explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is frequently considered as a compulsory method for any civilized kingdom, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political thought, and cognitive psychology, that says differently.

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When a hunt is on, someone has to decide when to stay and when to attack, where to travel in pursuit of prey, and so on. When two warriors are engaged in a brutal fight, it is helpful for someone with the authority to break it up. De Waal (1996) studied chimpanzee behavior in a captive colony at Arnheim Zoo in the Netherlands, and observed one interesting case: a quarrel between Mama and Spin got out of hand and ended in fighting and biting. Numerous apes rushed up to the two warring females and joined in the fray.

They know that who is in power depends on the masses, and that the masses are fickle. Hopefully, the temporary leader of a democracy has some sort of gravitas, knowledge, or experience independent of his appeal to the majority. Even if he does, he will be influenced by powerful incentives outside his control. We explore those in the next chapter. Incentives in Democracy Chapter Four One of the most criticized features about democracy are the governmental and economic incentives it creates. According to libertarian economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe writing in Democracy: the God That Failed (2000), these incentives are “decivilizational” and lead to a process of social and fiscal decline.

Archaeological study of ancestral remains gives us estimates that 15-60% of adult males met their demise from violence (Keeley 1996). Without strong leaders to keep groups effective, a group might become slightly weaker than the competition, which seizes the opportunity to take over its watering hole, leaving the original group with nothing but warm mud to drink. This must have happened millions of times over the last 200,000 years. The highly competitive demands of survival and coordination make it easy to see how leadership and followership could have evolved as adaptive mechanisms to promote survival.

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