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By Luis López

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During this quantity, Luis L?pez sheds new gentle on details constitution and makes an important contribution to paintings on grammatical operations within the Minimalist application. via a cautious research of dislocations and concentration fronting in Romance, the writer indicates that notions akin to 'topic' and 'focus', as frequently outlined, yield no predictions and proposes in its place a function method in line with the notions 'discourse anaphor' and 'contrast'. He offers an in depth version of syntax---information-structure interplay and argues that this interplay occurs on the part point, with a privileged position for the sting of the section. extra, he investigates phenomena about the syntax of items in Romance and Germanic - accusative A, p-movement, clitic doubling, scrambling, item shift - and exhibits that there are cross-linguistic correlations among syntactic configuration and specificity, self sufficient of discourse connectedness. the quantity ends with a longer research of the syntax of dislocations in Romance.

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As we have seen, a constituent marked as [+Focus] may stay in situ or it may move—but whatever makes it move is not the focus feature, since focus can contentedly stay in situ. I suggest that movement to left periphery position, either by FF or wh-phrases, is connected with [+c]. 34) Context: Did you buy furniture? Doncs, de cadires no en vaig comprar . . ’ [It] This moved quantiWer is arguably also [+c]. A sentence like (i) is most naturally uttered in the context in which someone asserts that we will Wnd no one.

A Greek consultant conWrms that in this language dislocates are indeed speciWc. Romance dislocates, however, exhibit a clearly diVerent feature structure. More on this below. 11) Context: I think no one came to the lecture. a. *Ningu´, no el/en vaig veure. inf b. *No el/en vaig veure, ningu´. The dislocation of negative words is indeed ungrammatical. However, this ungrammaticality has nothing to do with speciWcity. Rather, the correct generalization is that downward entailing quantiWers, speciWc or not, have a hard time getting dislocated.

CLLD and CLRD are anaphors that require high accessibility. As a matter of fact, their antecedent must be the highest accessible one. 39) -Llavors, ahir vas anar a missa, oi? Que` hi vas veure el Joan? ‘So then, yesterday you went to the Mass, right? ’ A1: -#Si, l’hi vaig veure, a missa. inf el the Joan. Joan The reason why A1 is infelicitous while A2 is Wne is because the most accessible antecedent in the preceding discourse, as selected by the question, is not missa but Joan. 40) -Llavors, ahir vas anar a missa, oi?

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