A grammar of Spokan : a Salish language of eastern by Barry F Carlson PDF

By Barry F Carlson

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I hope I can End a nic€ cloů to wear cloli is a piece ol malerial' People wear clolies, but lieÍe is no singulaí You have to say a dr'ss, á sultetc' ln ÍoÍÍnal language you can talk about an item oÍclothing' A y'I hope I can find some nice clothes to wear. 56 Communication X I watched a car accident yesterday. watch also means you decide to give your atlenlion to somehing f0í some time' You Bee To somefiing even if you don't wantlo. watch 6ee say tell explain hear lislen b y'I satý a car accident yesteŤday.

Stsoílg, it's a physical chaÍacteÍistic' A peÍson makes childreníollow ÍUles is íÍicl' father was Very strict with us as children. 39 Home and away 10 Í I'm Iesting at my friend's house all You ÍRst when you'Íelired' lí youte livinq in someone's house, usé slay' ýI'm stayin8 t at my frjcndt house all I'm tired. I want to go to my house. When you ď€ lired, you want to go homs' ýI'm , tired. I want to go home. ýe you later I'll r€tuin home rest stay house home at about eight. 8€lum home and anive homé are Íormal' mímally you can say: ýl'll behome at about eight.

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