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1 Examples (69a) have a low pitch on the first syllable and a higher pitch on the second syllable. The constraint of morae observed in (68) does not exist here. Examples (69b) show the same pattern as (69a) or a variational pattern with the second syllable rising a little. This variation occurs only when the second syllable has either a vowel sequence or a vowel + a consonant and there is only a sonorant between the two syllables. Therefore, this pattern is considered to be the same as (69a) but to exhibit variation due to phonological conditions.

If we assume that unassociated values are linked to the appropriate syllables, and unassociated syllables to the appropriate values by a general constraint that syllables with no associated pitch values are prohibited, the realization of the basic pitch patterns for all the examples in the previous section can be explained. If we assume that morae bear values, it is necessary to explain the realization of the pitch in the rising tone. In the case of a rising tone, even if the final syllable is bimoraic, pitch is realized higher, so the following rules can be assumed.

2 /m/ /m/ is a voiced bilabial nasal. /m/ can be syllabic. When a /p/ is followed by a syllabic /m/, the stop usually remains unreleased. 1 /y/ /y/ is a palatal approximant. /y/ occurs as an onset of the syllable. 2 /w/ /w/ is a labio-velar approximant. As the second segment of onset clusters, /w/ can follow a velar consonant. There are a few cases of /s/ preceding /w/ in the onset, but they are mainly loans. /w/ also occurs as the second segment of coda clusters. An underlying /Cwo/ sequence is very unstable and usually replaced by a single /o/.

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