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Still, the field of biolinguistics was rather small at this stage, with only a handful of researchers at MIT and elsewhere. Chomsky reports that ‘‘it used to be possible, not so long ago, to teach [biolinguistics] from zero to current research within a term or a year or so’’ (Chomsky, Huybregts, and Riemsdijk 1982, 52). In just a few decades since, biolinguistics has become a major scientific enterprise across the globe. Jenkins (2000, ix) reports that, apart from research in theoretical linguistics (syntax, semantics, morphology, lexicon, phonology) covering hundreds of languages and dialects, the enterprise now actively touches on areas such as articulatory and acoustic phonetics, language acquisition, language change, specific language impairment, language perception, sign language, neurology of language, languageisolated children, Creole language, split-brain studies, linguistic savants, and electrical activity of the brain, among others.

The first sentence has introduced the topic of black holes and the second should take o¤ from there. This is achieved by the passive sentence: A black hole is created by the collapse of a dead star into a point perhaps no larger than a marble. In that sense, substantive answers to question 1 also lead to interesting answers to question 3. Furthermore, these results, apart from suggesting a unified approach to questions 1–3, also o¤er a theoretically motivated division of the concept of language use.

Similar proposals are routine in physics; geodesics and potentials are viewed as located all over the universe. Yet, the di¤erence between physics and linguistics is that the universe is what physics says it is; there is no other account of the universe once we grant that scientific understanding is limited to its intelligible theories. 13 There are independent electrochemicalmicrobiological accounts of the brain on which these images take place. These accounts do not explain what it means for the trace deletion hypothesis to be executed there (Smith 2000).

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