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Table 7. Parts of speech in Satawalese head modifier connector word relations 1. of noun phrases and nominals 2. of verb phrases 3. pronominals 1. a quantifier noun modifier in quantity: precedes the modified noun parts of speech (1) noun (2) verb (3) pronoun (4) numeral 2. noun modifier in the position with respect to speaker and hearer: follows the modified noun 3. verb modifier in aspect: precedes the modified verb 4. noun/verb/clause modifier in manner: precedes or follows the modified word or clause 5.

To be “a common phone with marginal phonemic status” in Satawalese, Woleaian, and Lamotrekese. E@, but added “there are many words where n cannot be substituted for l,” citing the Satawalese word for ‘pillow,’ jylyyl (his orthography) as an example. Two older Satawalese speakers had never heard nor seen Quackenbush’s example. ’ The grapheme l appears word medially and finally in some of the entries contained in the Satawalese Word list, but there is no entry for L as there is with G. I suspect the entries written with l are pronounced as [n].

Liquid ) ! ! Glide ) 4) Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar ! ! /) (0)) ! ! "#))! ) ! ) ) ) ) 3 ! ! Fricative 1) Alveolar 2) ! ) ! ) ! % ) ! ) ) ! ) 5) ! , lips or tongue), so the air cannot escape through the nose or mouth. /, and ///. All stops in Satawalese are unaspirated8. g. ’ 7 Phonetic variants of a phoneme which share a similar quality to the original sound, but are slightly different due to the phonetic environment or position in the word. 8 Aspiration refers to the strong puff of air that follows voiced and voiceless stops when the sound is released.

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