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By Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

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ISBN-13: 9781848621961

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D: . :::: : : : : ::: I called, .. .. ... .. . Put the verbs in the past simple and write them under the correct heading. Then read them aloud. 3 A: What 1) .... .... ... .. .... (you/do) yesterday? B: Oh, nothing much. I 2) .. .... .... (stay) at home. 4 A: I 1) .... .. .. .. .. (read) the book you 2) ....... . (give) me about blue whales. B: 3) ......... .... ... .... . (you/like) it? A: Yes. It was quite interesting. 4 Use the past simple of the verbs in the list to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

B: For seven months now. 50 a to put emphasis on the duration of an action which started in the past and continues up to the present b to express anger, irritation or annoyance c to express an action which happened at an unstated time in the past d to express an action which started in the past and lasted for some time. The action may still be continuing or may already have finished , but it has a visible result in the present e to express an action which happened within a specific period that is not over at the moment of speaking f to express an action which has recently finished and whose result is visible in the present g to express an action which started in the past and continues up to the present 8 A: You look dreadful!

Husband is a pilot, is our Maths teacher. A which B who C whose 15 We're playing football . Do you want to join ... ? C us A we B them 16 This is (athy and (arol. ... are sisters. ( Their B Them A They 17 ....... is Jack going? To the supermarket. A What B Why C Where 18 Mary is ........ on time for work. She 's never late. ( always A usually B seldom 19 We .. basketball in half an hour. A play B are playing C plays 20 This is the bus ........ goes to London . ( where B which A who 21 How ........

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