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By Guglielmo Cinque

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One of many world's top syntacticians provides proof for finding Adverb words within the specifiers of precise practical projections inside of a singular and good articulated thought of the clause. during this concept, either adverbs and heads, which encode the practical notions of the clause, are ordered in a inflexible series. Cinques state of the art suggestion means that the constitution of traditional language sentences is far richer than formerly assumed.

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This bag easily opens up. (OK as a plain unaccusative) Moreover, both can be filled simultaneously: (88) John has been cleverly answering their questions cleverly/stupidly. 20 ADVERBS AND FUNCTIONAL HEADS These facts clearly indicate that the preverbal "manner" position of the adverb in (85a) is not transformationally related to the postverbal (and postobject) "manner" position of the adverb in (83a), at least in the same way in which a wh-moved "manner" AdvP is tranformationally related to the postverbal (and postobject) "manner" position.

Ernst 1984, 111ff; 1991, 752ff; Rooth 1985) (see (130)):82 (128) a. Probabilmente per questa RAGIONE, lo hanno licenziato. ' b. E' probabilmente per questa ragione che lo hanno licenziato. ' c. 83 'It's luckily P. ' (129) a. He hates probably everybody. b. He has drunk already seven beers. 84 Assuming a simple adjunction to a maximal projection to be excluded (Kayne 1994), it is plausible to treat "focusing" adverbs as heads taking their modifees as complements (see Bayer 1996, chap. 1). This appears natural in those cases where the "focusing" adverb immediately precedes the phrase in focus.

For example, in Italian (Romance) (non . ) any longer' was seen to precede sempre 'always', whereas English often shows the opposite order: (138) John doesn't always win any longer. The appearance is deceiving, however. When it follows always, (not . ) any longer necessarily follows the verb and its objects, if any, just as is possible in Italian when piu is emphasized: (139) a. John doesn't always win his games any longer. b. J. non vince sempre le sue partite, PIU. 4, through movement of some projection containing always, the verb, and its complements, to the left of any longer.

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