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For a given preflow g, the residual graph R(g) and the residual capacity are introduced in analogy to flows by replacing the flow variables by preflow variables. Furthermore, for each vertex j define the excess function for j 00 (6) = € V we 1 e(j) := { L (i,j)€A g(i,j) - L (j,k)€A g(j,k) Clearly, a preflow g is a flow if e(j) = 0 otherwise. for all vertices j € V - {l,n}. A fundamental role in the new algorithm plays a distance label d(j) which is an estimate of the length of the shortest augmenting path from j to n.

From the flow property of x and x k and #(x) = #(x k ) it follows (11) for all vertices j € V. (12) is an immediate consequence of the feasibility of x. 8. 6. Graph G -----{0 1 \ @ IA\ 70 " \ (V,A) with indicated minimum cuts. From Lemma AO. 7. •• ,4. 4. we can describe the optimal solutions of MF using feasible solutions of corresponding subproblems. In the case of the above example we assume a maximal flow resulting in the following capacity intervals according to (12): (1,2) : [0,2) (5,8) : [-3,0) (1,3) : [-2,0) (5,9) : [0,5) (1,4) : [0,4) (3,4) : [0,1) (6,10): [0,2) (7,10): [-3,0) (7,11): [0,3) (10,11): [-2,0] (10,14): [0,2) (13,14): [0,3).

The cuts (X,x*) = X + X* and (y,y*) = y + y* into are said to cross each other iff each of the intersecting sets X n Y, X n y*, X* n Y and x* n Y* contains at least one vertex. For the solution of MTMF it was shown by Gomory & Hu (1961) that the n(n-l)/2 maximum flow values can be computed with only n - 1 maximum flow computations. The method consecutively contracts vertices of the underlying network. For a subset Vi of V, the contraction of Vi is the replacement of the vertices of Vi by a single vertex i, and for each j € V - Vi' the replacement of the edges from j to Vi with a single edge between i and j.

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