Rick Barba's Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide PDF

By Rick Barba

ISBN-10: 0761537481

ISBN-13: 9780761537489

Play or Prey?• assault innovations for every uniquespecies• information on guns, instruments, talents, and kit• whole walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complicated tips for veteran avid gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality assistance

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Fig. 3-5. Runners scramble about on all fours. These two are lumped together because of their similar powers and abilities. Drones and runners, both adult Aliens, can wall-walk (climb walls and ceilings), headbite (eat human heads), pounce, and attack with claws or tail. However, slight differences do exist. Drones walk on their hind legs because they gestated in bipedal hosts (such as humans). When a drone attacks, you see its face, which is not a pleasant sight. Drones aren’t as fast as runners (but fast nonetheless); their pounce attack doesn’t reach quite as far either.

5-2. Activate these entry panels to open doors throughout the complex. Some require hacking. ൸ Press your Use key (the default is E but you can program any key in the Options/Controls menu). This opens the panel, and the cursor turns into the yellow crosshair. ൸ You must override the entry code. Press your Hack key—the default is H for “hack”—to wield the instrument. NOTE The Hacking Tool allows Marines to communicate with, and override some, electronic security systems. ” The door slides open.

Team Deathmatch This is a team game, obviously. You score by killing members of other species. ) kill one of your own species, you subtract one frag and points from your team score. <32> Stay together! This applies to all three species. Use all the classes—this is particularly true for Aliens. Alien teams should let the Praetorian and Predalien (the largest and most durable Aliens) distract foes while faster allies finish them off. Marines should use Smartguns and fire tracking rockets with the Rocket Launcher to find cloaked Predators, and drop proximity grenades and smart mines to protect your rear.

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