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By Achille C. Varzi

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Like the magazine TOPOl, the TOPOl Library is predicated at the assumption that philosophy is a full of life, provocative, pleasant task, which always demanding situations our inherited behavior, painstakingly elaborates on how issues might be diverse, in different tales, in counterfactual events, in substitute attainable worlds. no matter what its ideology, even if with the motive of uncovering a more true constitution of fact or of capturing our nervousness, of revealing myths or of following them via, the result of philosophical task is often the destabilizing, unsettling iteration of doubts, of objections, of criticisms. It follows that this job is intrinsically a discussion, that philosophy is at the start philosophical dialogue, that it calls for bringing out conflicting issues of view, paying cautious, sympathetic awareness to their constitution, and utilizing this dialectic to articulate one's process, to make it richer, extra considerate, extra open to version and play. And it follows that the spirit which one brings to this job has to be one in every of tolerance, of consistently suspecting one's personal blindness and hence having a look with impartial eye in each comer, with out fearing to cross a (fallible) judgment on what's there but additionally with out failing to teach curiosity and respect.

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C. eeL). c. On this basis, the second important thing to notice concerns the structure of M itself. 5 it was remarked that M is partially ordered by the extension relation ~ (or ;;;J). This is a nice property insofar as it justifies a natural reading of ~ as an ordering going up-hill in terms of degrees of definiteness. But there is more to it. c. e. c.. c under both n; n and U. 28 There would be no difficulty ifh were so characterized as to include approximate interpretations in its domain. But that would amount to construing U'RI itself as a set of approximate interpretations.

For instance, the universal quantifier 'for anything v' may be interpreted as an item k such that, for every p: C -+ V and every value assignment ce C: h(k,p)(c)=true iff p(c)=true for every c'e C that coincides with c except possibly for the value assigned to v. , as the case may be). The generalization is obvious. Let us, indeed, assume this general format as a paradigm of the standard account. 14 For every model M = (d,h,I), let us assume the ex14 This general format stems from the work of Lewis [1970] and Montague [1970a, 1970b], though the idea of context-dependent semantic values originated with Carnap [1947].

If d(~,t)[c]=0 for some (~,t)E Vs and some CE CM, then the condition f(s(~,t))~d(~,t) will obviously fail, whereas if h(f(x),f(y))[c]=0 for some (X,Y)EVg, then it is the condition f(g(x,y))~h(f(x),f(Y)) that will fail. Therefore, if M~ CaMPb f cannot generally qualify as a homomorphism from L into M. (There is still the possibility that the only source of incompleteness lies in some element of ~h-(~fx ~f). c. c and suppose that f is a homomorphism from L into M. If d(~,t)[c]*1 for some (~,t)EVS and some CE CM, then there must exist a mapping go: ~s ~ ~d such that go(s(~,t))(C)E d(~,t)[c]-{f(s(~,t))(c)}, and such a mapping will generate a homomorphism g distinct from f.

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