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Es versteht sich von selbst, dass diese Vorstellunq nicht repraesentativ ist fuer das rabbinische Judentum in seiner Gesamtheit, sondern nur fuer eine, wenn auch sehr wahrscheinlich dominierende Gruppe innerhalb des rabbinischen Judentums. 233) On the other hand, Schaefer's approach and his conclusion-that the rabbis, for the most part, were not preoccupied with anqels at all, except to assert their superiority over the host of heaven in God's eyes--corresponds directly with, and indeed anticipates, his conclusion in later work on the Hekhalot Literature: that the angelic and heavenly concerns of that literature are, most of all, to be differentiated and separated from the main stream of classical rabbinic piety.

51 on the one hand, Schiffman arqued that these Qumran texts did not bespeak incubation or preparation for a mystical journey, nor did they involve maqical names. He concluded that they "are not intended, like the later materials, to brinq about ecstasy or mystical experience. " 53 On the other hand, Schiffman's work allows that from their vantaqe point the sect of Qumran looked intently toward the heavens, and he calls the Qumran material "the containinq earliest mystical known post-biblical speculation reqardinq Hebrew text the divine the Songs of the throne.

33:27) Israel says, 'There is none like God [ein ka'el],' and the Holy Spirit says 'Jeshurun [is] God [el yesburun]' [some editions correct to 'Like God is Jeshurun [ka'el yesburun]'. ' [ ... ] All of Israel qathered around Moses and said to him, 'Moses, tell us what is the aspect [midah, which can also mean 'measure'] of the supernal Glory (like) [mah hi midat kavod sbel maalah]? He said to them, 'From the ones below you may know what the supernal aspect is (like). ' He [approached] the country and he saw a screen spread forth across the entrance to the country and qoodly stones and jewels fixed upon it.

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