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By Jessica Brown, Herman Cappelen

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Statement is a basic characteristic of language. This quantity could be the position to appear for a person drawn to present paintings at the subject. Philosophers of language and epistemologists subscribe to forces to clarify what sort of speech act statement is, rather in gentle of relativist perspectives of fact, and the way statement is ruled by way of epistemic norms.

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Iii) Assertion Individuated by Commitments Some philosophers individuate assertion as those sayings that come with certain commitments. Robert Brandom and John MacFarlane have proposed such theories. 4 (W) Commitment to withdraw the assertion if and when it is shown to have been untrue. (J) Commitment to justify the assertion (provide grounds for its truth) if and when it is appropriately challenged. (R) Commitment to be held responsible if someone else acts on or reasons from what is asserted, and it proves to have been untrue.

The absurdity of such statements can be explained by the knowledge norm. By the knowledge norm, one is in a good enough epistemic position to assert the conjunction “p but I do not know that p” only if one knows both conjuncts—that is, one knows that p and knows that one does not know that p. Since knowledge is factive, one knows that one does not know that p only if one does not know that p. But that contradicts the claim that one knows that p. ” Lastly, consider lottery propositions. Suppose that I have bought a ticket in a fair lottery with many tickets and one winner.

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