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By Marshal H. Wrubel, H. C. Arp, G. R. Burbidge, E. Margaret Burbidge, Hans E. Suess, Harold C. Urey, Lawrence H. Aller, P. Ledoux, Th. Walraven, Armin J. Deutsch, E. Schatzman, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, F. Zwicky

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Sects. 12, thirteen. 89 series and that subgiant and fainter stars in globular clusters have ultraviolet excesses. while facing stars whose actual homes are imperfectly lower than­ stood, corresponding to in globular cluster stars, we can't count too seriously at the empiri­ cal calibration by means of the categories of stars used to outline Fig. five, to figure out their actual, unreddened U-B, B-V curve. but when by means of a mixture of arguments, largely the reddening within the zone of the celebs we do identified approximately, we will assign a reasonably possible unreddened U-B, B-V curve to a bunch of stars approximately which we all know little, the argument might be circled. thus a few details can be received concerning the power envelope of the celebrities through reading the diversities among the traditional two-color index curves for the unknown crew of stars in comparison to the recognized. more often than not there appear to be attainable reasons for various stars defining diverse general sequences within the U-B, B-V airplane. One, the relative strength distribution within the continuum within the U, B and V photometry bands are various. An instance of this can be the influence of the Balmer melancholy in supergiants. This, after all, calls for deviation from black physique radiation curves for one or either teams of stars. This reason seems the dominant impact for terribly blue, sizzling stars the place the melancholy of the continuum through absorption strains is at a minimum.

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C. LAURITSEN and by E. SCHATZMAN independently. 1 29 Thermonuclear reactions. Sect. 25. Schematically the carbon cycle is shown in Fig. 10. The two {3-decay processes occur in a very short time compared with the (P, y) and (P, IX) reactions, except at temperatures greater than 108 degrees. As we shall subsequently see, the proton-proton chain is predominantly responsible for energy production at low temperature and the carbon cycle at high temperature. 25. Thennonuclear reactions. We may regard reactions which build successively heavier nuclei by the absorption of protons as taking place in three steps: 1.

Preliminary results. 33. The Vogt-Russell theorem. This theorem states that the entire structure of a star in equilibrium is uniquely determined by the distribution of chemical composition and the total mass, provided the equation of state, the opacity and the energy production are functions only of the local physical variables and the composition. 1 R. A. BROOKER and T. W. OLLE: Monthly Notices Roy. Astronom. Soc. London 115, 101 (1955). 2 G. KELLER: Ph. D. Dissertation, Columbia University 1948.

30. 5 X10 90 K. On the other hand, suppose that instability sets in after the production of (12, 0 16 and Ne 20 and instead of proceeding as above, the star explodes, dispersing its matter into the interstellar medium. Stars that subsequently form will be enriched by these elements. These" second generation" stars need not rely on the proton-proton chain for energy production in the early stages, but, if the temperature is high enough, can produce helium via the carbon cycle. ) Ne . ) (12 reaction which recreates C12.

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Astrophysics II: Stellar Structure / Astrophysik II: Sternaufbau by Marshal H. Wrubel, H. C. Arp, G. R. Burbidge, E. Margaret Burbidge, Hans E. Suess, Harold C. Urey, Lawrence H. Aller, P. Ledoux, Th. Walraven, Armin J. Deutsch, E. Schatzman, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, F. Zwicky

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