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By Simon L. Altmann

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The constitution of a lot of solid-state concept comes without delay from staff concept, yet beforehand there was no effortless advent to the band conception of solids utilizing this technique. making use of the main simple of crew theoretical principles, and emphasizing the importance of symmetry in picking the various crucial suggestions, this can be the one publication to supply such an creation. Many subject matters have been selected with the desires of chemists in brain, and diverse difficulties are incorporated to permit the reader to use the foremost principles and to accomplish a few components of the therapy. actual scientists also will locate this a worthwhile creation to the sphere.

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Shirman is grateful to the Aspen Center for Physics for hospitality during the early stages of this work. The work of Y. Shirman was supported in part by NSF Grant No. PHY-9802484. The work of Y. Shadmi was supported in part by DOE Grant Nos. DF-FC0294ER40818 and DE-FC02-91ER40671, and by the Koret Foundation. APPENDIX: SOME RESULTS ON SUSY GAUGE THEORIES In this Appendix we shall briefly review some results in supersymmetric gauge theories. Our main goal here is to introduce notations [which will mainly follow those of Bagger and Wess (1991)], and to summarize the results necessary to make the present review self-contained.

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