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By David Knight

ISBN-10: 0761553916

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Specialist, newbie, or novice…You want this guide!·Master the hot Titan mode with field-tested strategies and strategies.·Attack/Defend recommendations for all regulate issues, bases, and silos.·Maximum and minimal harm values for all firearms.·Statistics and strategies for every troop package, car, and all forty unlocks.·Criteria for all ranks, medals, badges, ribbons, and pins.·Exclusive procedure without delay from the sport testers and the syndicate.

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To ensure a hit, wait till the walker is stationary or disabled—EMP mines are the best way to immobilize a walker. You’ll know you scored a direct hit if the targeted knee buckles, causing the walker to tilt toward its damaged side. When a walker’s knee is knocked out, its occupants have a few seconds to escape before it topples and explodes. Be ready to mow down the crew. The walkers have another weak spot on the underside of the main chassis, usually visible only to infantry walking between the walker’s legs and looking up.

Damage to the reactor core is irreversible, so it’s imperative to prevent such attacks. The Titan’s turrets can also be destroyed, even when its shield is still up. Engineer rockets and gunship missiles are the most effective weapons for taking out a Titan’s turrets. Titan Tour Key Crew Position Primary Fire Secondary Fire 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gunner 1 Gunner 2 Gunner 3 Gunner 4 AA Gunner 1 AA Gunner 2 Impulse Cannon Impulse Cannon Impulse Cannon Impulse Cannon AA Blaster AA Blaster Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Titan Tactics With the exception of their colored energy shields, both the EU and PAC Titans are identical.

To better spot targets during flight, check out the icon on the missile’s HUD, offering a heading toward the target. Missiles have a larger warhead than the pilots’ AP missiles and can take out a tank or battle walker with 1–2 hits, depending on where the missile strikes. These missiles are also effective against commander stations and the turrets on Titans. UD-12 Shepherd The UD-12 Shepherd was developed with a single purpose, to convey military personnel into the combat arena, dropping soldiers via spherical, quick-drop escape pods.

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