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Charles L. Chaney, The Birth of Missions in America, op. , pp. 32-35. 144 . , p. 270. 145 . ) pp. 32-35. 147 David E. Holwerda considers Calvin an Amillennialist,148 opposing Millennialist views. 149 Holwerda adds that this idea does not, however, contradict Postmillennial interpretation, “But Calvin believes that the perfected kingdom already exists in Christ, that it is eternal and includes the renovation of the world. ”150 Georg Huntemann writes in his homage to Calvin’s151 view, “The Millennium had, in the Reformation, experienced progress, had gone into action.

Donald K. McKim (Louisville, Ky: Westminster\John Knox Press and Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 1992) pp. 242-244. 206 . Carey, “Enquiry”, op. , p. ) 207 . Compare with Spurgeon’s journal, Sword and Trowel, or with the journal of the Calvinist Baptists, Reformation Today, which is printed in Liverpool (See Nr. /Feb. 1987). 208 Carey’s Calvinist viewpoint is clearly demonstrated in various parts of his book. Carey was not influenced by the Methodism of his day, as one might expect,209 but as a Calvinist,210 his significance lies in his reconciliation between the theology of the Reformation, particularly Reformed theology, and the Church’s responsibility for missions.

This, however, was refuted by reality. Interestingly, Carey fails to mention the expectation of the universal pouring out of the Holy Spirit, which was to initiate the great conversion of the heathen, which was, after all, his own opinion. Because this view also could be used against missions, he emphasized the role of the Great Commission as a commandment rather than eschatological opinions as the basis of our plans and actions. Towards the end of the “Enquiry”, Carey defines his eschatological view more clearly, but the complete picture becomes clear only in the light of the Postmillennial views of the day.

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