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By Jeffrey Bennett

ISBN-10: 0691149887

ISBN-13: 9780691149882

The search for extraterrestrial existence does not occur merely in technology fiction. This publication describes the startling discoveries being made within the very genuine technology of astrobiology, an fascinating new box that blends astronomy, biology, and geology to discover the potential for lifestyles on different planets. Jeffrey Bennett takes readers past UFOs to debate a few of the tantalizing questions astrobiologists grapple with on a daily basis: what's existence and the way does it commence? What makes a planet or moon liveable? Is there existence on Mars or somewhere else within the sun procedure? How can lifestyles be famous on far-off worlds? Is it prone to be microbial, extra biologically complex--or even clever? What may this kind of discovery suggest for all times the following on the earth? Come alongside in this clinical experience and research the wonderful implications of discoveries made during this box for the way forward for the human race. Bennett, who believes that "science is a manner of aiding humans come to agreement," explains how the quest for extraterrestrial existence may also help bridge the divide that usually exists among technology and faith, defuse public rancor over the instructing of evolution, and quiet the controversy over worldwide warming. He likens humanity at the present time to a bothered adolescent teetering at the part among self-destruction and a way forward for nearly unlimited percentages. past UFOs indicates why the very quest to discover alien existence will help us to develop up as a species and chart a direction for the celebs. In a brand new afterword, Bennett stocks the latest advancements in extrasolar learn, and discusses how they could extra our quest to discover alien existence.

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That’s just the way science works. In fact, Kepler’s laws are not perfect. Applied strictly, we know of many cases in which planets deviate from them in small but measurable ways. So why do we still accept that Kepler was right about planets orbiting the Sun What Makes It Science? 35 along elliptical paths? The answer to this question is a key to understanding the difference between science today and science in ancient times, and hence to understanding why human knowledge is now advancing so rapidly: Back in ancient times, once a model (such as Ptolemy’s) worked “good enough,” people basically left it at that.

This long effort culminated with the work of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy (pronounced TOLe-mee; c. d. 100–170), who published a detailed and mathematically precise treatise that could be used to predict the future positions of planets among the stars. ” Nevertheless, Ptolemy’s model worked remarkably well, as it generally allowed planetary positions to be predicted to an accuracy of a few degrees—roughly equivalent to the size of your hand viewed at arm’s length against the sky. This was an astonishing achievement at the time, and may be even more impressive with modern hindsight, since we now know that Ptolemy got these good answers even though he started from the fundamentally wrong idea that Earth is the center of the universe.

The idea that science is a way of helping people come to agreement may seem surprising in light of the cultural wars we often read about in the news, but it explains why science has been so successful in advancing human knowledge. Think back to the debate between Aristotle and the atomists over the question of whether there could be worlds beyond Earth. For nearly 2,000 years, this ongoing debate went essentially nowhere, because there was no way for the two sides to come to agreement on any of the issues involved.

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