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By Alex Kuskowski

Kids can cross on an underground event and find out about hidden issues lower than the earth with the most important, Baddest e-book of Caves. Readers will notice mysterious sunken worlds, know about extraordinary rock formations and unearth the secrets and techniques of the wonderful beasts that live at nighttime and extra. Aligned to universal center criteria and correlated to country criteria. tremendous Sandcastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing.

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This is located about 35 miles (56 km) northeast of Bogotá, capital of Colombia. In 1969, a beautiful model of solid gold was discovered in a cave close to Bogatá. It is a model of a raft. On it stand the figures of El Dorado and his priests. The discovery of the model seems to give truth to legends that link the ceremony to Lake Guatavita. ” 29 Greed for gold Stories about the ceremony of El Dorado told how gold and jewels were thrown into the lake. Greed for these riches attracted many people to Lake Guatavita.

Orellano became the first person known to sail the length of the Amazon River. But he failed to find the golden city. More failures The English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh led two expeditions in search of Eldorado. The first was in 1595 and the second was in 1616. Both of his attempts ended in failure. In 1925, another English explorer, Colonel Percy H. Fawcett decided to search once more. He had heard about a lost city in southwestern Brazil. Fawcett set off with his son and a friend to find it.

Eventually, the government of Colombia made Lake Guatavita a protected area. It forbids any attempt to empty its water or take its treasures. A lost wonder There are still no signs of the lost city of gold that Juan Martinez claimed he saw. Large areas of the Mato Grosso region in Brazil remain unexplored. Maybe, one day, a wonderful ruined city will be found there. Or perhaps it must remain forever in stories and in imagination. ” Glossary alien A creature from another planet ancestor Someone who lived long ago, and from whom a person is descended gilded Covered with a layer of gold legendary Famous because of its greatness limestone A type of rock often used in building ascending Leading from a lower to a higher place mayor A person elected as head of a local government base The bottom part of something meditating Thinking about something deeply for a long time ceramic Made from clay or similar material model A small copy of something precision Accuracy or exactness ceremonial Used for ceremonies, such as religious rituals compass An instrument that shows direction crater The bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano prediction A warning or statement of what will happen in the future radar A device that uses radio waves to locate an object ramp A slope that connects one level to another dedicated Built for the purpose of worshiping, or honoring a god or person sea level The average level of the sea’s surface descending Leading from a higher to a lower place slave trader A person involved in capturing, selling, and buying people as slaves draining Emptying of water expedition A trip or journey to find out about something solar year The length of time it takes Earth to travel once around the Sun extinct No longer active or burning (describing a volcano) territory An area of land or a region 31 Index al Mamun, Abdullah 18–19 aliens 9, 25 astronomers 20, 21, 22 Atan, mayor of Easter Island 8, 9 giants 11 Great Pyramid of Khufu 16–25 as an observatory 20–21 Heyerdahl, Thor 8, 9 de Betanzos, Juan 15 de León, Cieza 10, 13 de Orellana, Francisco 28 Easter Island 4–9 Hanau Eep (“Long Ears”) 7, 8 Hanau-momoko (“Short Ears”) 7 Hotu-matua (chief) 7 El Dorado (ruler) 26, 29, 30 Eldorado (city of) 26–30 Fawcett, Percy H.

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