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By Edited by: Gisela Montero and Margarita Stoytcheva

ISBN-10: 9533077840

ISBN-13: 9789533077840

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362-376. I. C. (2008). Prediction of cetane number of biodiesel fuel from the fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) composition. 1, pp. 21-29. ISSN 0236-8722. pdf. Biodiesel Quality, Standards and Properties 27 Barabás, I. & Todorut, A. (2010). Combustibili pentru automobile: testare, utilizare, evaluare. UT PRESS, 978-973-662-595-4, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. , Todorut, A. & Baldean, D. (2010). Performance and emission characteristics of an CI engine fueled with diesel-biodiesel-bioethanol blends. 12, (December, 2010)pp.

1 Table 17. 10 Iodine value The iodine value (IV) or iodine number was introduced in biodiesel quality standards for evaluating their stability to oxidation. The IV is a measurement of total unsaturation of fatty acids measured in g iodine/100 g of biodiesel sample, when formally adding iodine to the double bonds. Biodiesel with high IV is easily oxidized in contact with air. The iodine value highly depends on the nature and ester composition of the feedstocks used in biodiesel production. , Australia and India it is not included in the quality standard (it would exclude feedstocks like sunflower and soybean oil).

Due to the presence of the electronegative oxygen, biodiesel is more polar than diesel fuel; as a result, the viscosity of biodiesel is higher than that of diesel fuel. The viscosity of pure ethyl esters are higher then viscosity of methyl esters (Table 14). The viscosities of biodiesels from different feedstoks are presented in Table 13. 6 Cold flow properties Generally, all fuels for CIE may cause starting problems at low temperatures, due to worsening of the fuel’s flow properties at those temperatures.

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