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Do You Look Like a PlumTree Client?

We help young professionals grow their wealth while moving through some of the most important and complex stages of their lives, maybe you see yourself here.


Amanda called us when she graduated college. She had just gotten an awesome job and was bringing home a nice paycheck. Although her father was financially savvy and gave her excellent advice, she felt it was time to go independent. We’ve helped Amanda choose benefits at her employer, determine how much to put away in her retirement plan, choose the funds to invest in there and start her own personal savings plan. We’re also happy to announce that now we help Amanda and her S.O., Barry, plan their future together.


Joseph just graduated from medical school and has landed a job with a significant salary. Thank goodness for that because he has more than significant student debt. Unfortunately, he’s been hired as an independent contractor – without benefits. We worked with Joseph to set himself up as a small business so that he could build his own retirement plan. Paying off the school debt is more complex and will be revisited often. For now, he is staying with an income based plan, even though he could refinance for less. Why? This job doesn’t seem very stable and the federal loan program offers more forgiveness than any private loan. Bob and Jeanne got in touch with us right after they got married. It was time to combine finances, develop common goals and work on a plan for their financial future. But, before we could even have our first meeting, they found the house of their dreams and our introductory meeting turned into a “how much house can we afford” meeting.






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At PlumTree we partner with clients of all ages, stages and net worths. It’s never too soon and never too late to start. Let’s talk about your financial goals and how I can help you get there. 

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