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Welcome to Weekend Reading!

The articles we collect here are usually a little more in-depth than our usual posts on FB, Twitter and LI, so we save them for the weekend when you may have a little more time.

How to Retire Richer Using One Chart

Hate the headline, like the story. This chart shows how the hot investment of the year can often fade the following year. Tracking investments is hard and it’s why we believe in indexing here at PlumTree. If you’d like to talk about your investments, set up a call today.

Whoa, Markets Feel Scary Again

Although this article was written for financial adivisors to share with their clients, it certainly makes its point clearly enough: we never know when the market will pull-back, or if this week was the beginning of something bigger. The point is to diversify your portfolio in a way that insulates you from this.

IRS Issues Urgent Warning on New Tax Refund Scam

Don’t put off filing your tax return this year. As the IRS warns of a new scam, filing early may be one of your best defenses. Seems scammers are scamming the people you trust like your accountant and bank. Fake refunds, fake phone calls…use the real numbers and addresses in this article to be sure you’re not their next victim.

What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2018

Beat the resume bots and get your story heard. Also, check out this video on Making Your Story the Big Story by Cari Feiler Bender at a recent TEDx.


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