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Family Preparations for New Parents

A new baby means new spending patterns. Bottles and diapers are only the beginning. You may have a change in income if one of you chooses to stay home with the baby. Expenses grow with your growing family—this is an important time to start thinking about your financial plan. Now, more than ever, it’s time to protect your family and your future.

For new or expecting parents, Financial Planning can ensure that you are prepared for the milestones parenthood brings, and can safeguard your most precious asset.

Financial Planning for New and Expecting Parents

Financial Advising: Your expenses have changed, but your financial plan continues. Now is the time to re-align your financial vision, and adapt your plan to your new responsibilities and obligations.

Insurance Planning: From selecting life insurance to protect your family, to evaluating health insurance based on your growing family, we will help you evaluate your full range of insurance needs.

College Savings: The cost of college is an overwhelming reality. By saving today, you can put your child on track for college.

Estate Planning: It’s no longer you alone. Prepare for the unexpected and even the unlikely, because your ability to care for your family continues well beyond your life.

How It Works

Your package includes a personalized, comprehensive financial plan that is the byproduct of several working meetings in which we will get to know you, your family, and your goals. Also included are two 3 and 9 month check-ups to make sure that you are on track and that your financial plan is working for you.

Together, we will discuss your current financial situation, learn your goals as a new family, and analyze cash flow, savings, debt, insurance, employer benefits, tax saving opportunities and estate plans. We will then leverage this information to create an integrated financial plan that will serve as a blueprint in achieving your goals and meeting your needs.

Your Plan Will

  • Provide an overview of where you stand financially, as a family.
  • Outline spending and saving practices based on your new family priorities, including:
    • Any new bill paying processes which may go into place.
    • New Freedom Fund goals.
    • Retirement plan goals, deferral amounts and investment allocations to be sure your assets are working hard for you.
    • 529 Plan set-up with automated investment plan to put your baby on track for college.
    • Enrollment in the Gift of Education plan so that family and friends can help save for college.
  • Audit your current life / health insurance and other insurance, recommending proper coverage.
  • Review employee benefits and employer retirement plans to gain synergies between personal and employer savings.
  • Teach you critical tax saving strategies.
  • List important estate planning documents and how to get them.
  • Create a centralized record-keeping program that meets your family’s needs.
  • Provide meaningful tips to help merge your financial personalities.
  • Improve your financial literacy.