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Launching into Life for New Graduates

Your time as a student is over, but you look forward to many exciting things that are to come. As you make your first strides in the professional world, don’t overlook your financial plan. Financial planning can set you free in the present, and put you on track to achieve your many goals.

The compounded benefits of early planning and investing can put you years ahead of the pack. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get ahead.

Financial Planning for New Graduates

Financial Advising: Launch your financial plan and begin building wealth today through a simple, strategic roadmap for saving and paying off debt.

Insurance Planning: Hedge your risk of hardship as you venture into the workforce and begin advancing in your career.

Debt Management: Learn how to prioritize, plan and consolidate existing debt so that you can strategically pay off obligations as soon as possible.

Long-term Savings: Start thinking about tomorrow, today. Now is a unique opportunity to build your long-term wealth

 LaunchPlan – For the New Graduate Moving on to Financial Independence

Your long-term financial success starts today.

Money can set you free, but it all starts with a plan. The compounded benefits of early planning and investing can put you years ahead of the pack. Now is the time to start.

How It Works

This package includes a personalized, comprehensive financial plan that will be the byproduct of several working meetings in which we will get to know you and your goals. Also included are two 3 and 9 month check-ups to make sure that you are on track and that your financial plan is working for you.

Together, we will analyze your cash flow, savings, debt, insurance, employer benefits, tax saving opportunities and estate plans. We’ll also learn about your goals and plans for the next 5 and 10 years, as well as your ultimate long-term ambitions – these are critical elements of creating a financial plan that is right for you.

Your Plan Will

  • Outline important spending and saving goals and guidelines including:
    • How to build a Freedom Fund and begin saving for essentials.
    • How much to save for retirement and where to invest those funds.
    • How to manage and pay down any existing debt.
    • How much to spend on housing or a new car.
  • Review and analyze your credit score, and outline a credit improvement plan.
  • Determine if you require life insurance, how much, and where you should purchase it.
  • Assist with job selection and negotiation.
  • Take full advantage of employee benefit plans at work.
  • Teach you critical tax saving strategies.
  • List important estate planning documents and how to get them.
  • Plan for filing and record-keeping important documents.
  • Improve your financial literacy.