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Dynamic Plans for Newlywed Power Couples

Getting married means merging your lives. Now is the time to outline your shared goals as a new family and work together to build a roadmap to reach them. This means reviewing your spending and saving, investments, retirement plans, insurance, taxes and estate plans, as well as what you have brought to the marriage in terms of assets, debt and “financial personality.”

Money issues will not derail you. In fact, planning your greatest financial merger will make your marriage stronger. Let us help empower you with a shared financial vision, blend your financial personalities and build a plan to reach your goals.

Financial Planning for Newlyweds

Financial Advising: Create a shared financial plan that leads to your long-term success, and ensure that you are on the same page every step of the way.

Managing the Merger: Determine how to best combine assets, and who will contribute what to your monthly bills and obligations.

Insurance Planning: Obtain critical guidance on multi-faceted insurance issues including homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance and life insurance.

Long-term Savings: By strategically saving for your retirement now, and finding an asset allocation that fits your individual styles, you’ll be on track to enjoy your golden years together. Build together today, to enjoy together tomorrow.

How It Works

Your package includes a personalized, comprehensive financial plan that is the byproduct of several working meetings in which we will get to know you both and your shared goals. Also included are two 3 and 9 month check-ups to make sure that you are on track and that your financial plan is working for you.

Together, we will learn your financial personalities, discuss your money habits and work with you to prioritize your goals together, as a Power Couple. This includes an analysis of cash flow, savings, debt, insurance, employer benefits, tax saving opportunities and estate plans.

Your Plan Will

  • Provide an overview of where you stand financially, as a couple.
  • Outline spending and saving practices to put you on the path to your shared goals, including:
    • Who will pay which bills.
    • What individual and joint accounts will exist.
    • How to combine your assets to build a Freedom Fund and begin saving for today’s essentials.
    • How to combine existing investment accounts where appropriate.
    • How much each of you should save for retirement, and where to invest these funds.
    • How to manage and pay down any existing debt.
    • How much to spend on housing or a new car.
  • Review and analyze your credit scores, and outline an upgrade plan if necessary.
  • Review current and potential homeowner’s, renter’s and life insurance policies, providing recommendations and guidance.
  • Review employee benefits and employer retirement plans to gain synergies between personal and employer savings.
  • Teach you critical tax saving strategies.
  • List important estate planning documents and how to get them.
  • Create a centralized record-keeping program that meets both of your needs.
  • Provide meaningful tips to help merge your financial personalities.
  • Improve your financial literacy.