Why Plumtree?

Financial Plans for Life: Full Service Financial Planning for the Journey to Wealth

Our mission is to make goals achievable through integrated financial plans that address every piece of the financial picture and empower our clients on their journeys to wealth. Our clients range in ages, stages and net worths – but all enjoy great peace of mind knowing where they are financially, and how to get where they want to go.

Our Perspective: Everyone Needs a Financial Plan

Financial planning is the ultimate tool that can enable you to achieve the future you envision for yourself. Whether you are in the earliest stages of wealth creation, building wealth for your growing needs or sustaining the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build, financial planning can meet you where you are and prepare you for where you are going. It’s never too soon and never too late to engage.

What Makes Us Different?

Number 1

Our Allegiance is to You

Our vendor-neutral approach means that your plan will include only the instruments and products that you need to reach your goals. We have but one allegiance, and that is to you and your financial future.

Number 2

Human Advisory for Better Plans

We get to know our clients as people, knowing that the same things that make us people define and direct our financial plans. We call this ‘human advisory’. It is our promise to our clients, and it makes us the best at what we do.

Number 3

Financial Plans for Your Journey to Wealth

We design dynamic financial plans to create, build and sustain wealth at every stage of your life. Our plans are designed to evolve, meeting you where you are and guiding you on your journey to wealth.

Number 4

Your Singular Guide to Wealth Management

As a full service financial planning firm, we offer comprehensive financial planning capabilities in the areas of investments, retirement, insurance, tax planning and estate planning. Our clients turn to us as their singular guide for their entire financial picture.

Number 5

Making Wealth Management Accessible

Financial knowledge is power. We work to increase financial literacy by putting wealth management in terms everyone can understand. No buzzwords, no jargon—just a financial plan that leads you to your goals.

Number 6

Only a Certified Financial Planner®

Only a CFP® professional is trained to address your financial needs with the highest standards of competence, quality and ethics. A CFP® professional will prepare a plan for all of your assets and all of your goals—putting you at the center of every financial planning engagement.