Our Philosophy

Collaborative Solutions for Sustainable Wealth

Whatever the market environment, we engage our clients in collaborative, in-depth discussion to gain clear understanding and develop integrated solutions.

Many of our clients, for example, want to grow and protect their wealth as they prepare for retirement. Some seek strategies to transfer wealth to their family or business partners. Our goal is to help clients achieve these goals through long-term relationships based on trust. That provides our clients with peace of mind and time to pursue their passions.

Our Philosophy

One Size Does Not Fit All

As a financial planner, we take the time to listen to who you are, hear what you want, and craft a personalized blueprint for you. Our program will put you in control of your financial situation, delivering on your financial goals, taking you through a process that will organize and allocate your assets in a way that will help you feel in control of your financial situation.

Lifelong Relationships

We believe our clients are best served when we can get to know them, their families and truly understand their values. This doesn’t happen in one meeting – it happens over time, as we continue to meet with you and update your plan for life events. A financial plan needs to be flexible enough to grow with you and change along with your life events. Our plans are created to adapt, so that when the unexpected happens, you goals won’t need to.

Long-term Plans

At PlumTree we are investors for the long-term, believing that a strong financial plan should be grounded in the fundamental principles of diversified portfolios that reduce risk. When you invest for the proper time horizon, to meet agreed upon goals, you do not need to make constant changes based on daily market information, and therefore, we will not overwhelm you with market graphs and unnecessary financial data.

Low Cost Investments

Our investment methodology generally leans to a diversified portfolio of a few well-picked no load, low cost mutual funds. Similarly, we will recommend moves that will help reduce your taxes and protect your assets in the most cost-efficient manner possible.