3 Things to Do the Summer Before You Send Your Child to College

You’ve packed all of the items that were on the list from Bed Bath & Beyond, but, did you think about these scenarios?

You call the Bursar’s office at your child’s school to discuss a problem with the tuition bill and learn they won’t talk to you unless your child gives them permission…

You get a call that your child is in the local hospital, but, they can’t talk to you either, until your child signs this form…

Your kid needs money for books, stat. What do you do?

Before you send your child to college you need to know:

  • The forms and legal documents you’ll need to communicate with the school or others to help keep your child safe and communication lines open
  • How to give your child the spending and budgeting skills they’ll need to start this important time on their own
  • The best way to use that 529 you’ve worked so hard to build to keep your taxes as low as possible

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