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How We Help You Reach Your Goals

As a full-service financial planning firm, we offer comprehensive financial planning for both long-term and project-based engagements. We partner with you to understand your goals, determine where you are now, and put you on a path to success. We also work to boost financial literacy by providing public and private event speaking on financial planning topics.

Ongoing Financial Counsel

PlumTree was designed to provide a different type of financial planning – we specialize in helping young professionals and their families make smart financial decisions and build plans to reach their goals. Download our one sheet here.


Our work together is collaborative. We start by discussing your current finances and goals to create an initial financial plan. Then, we work together to implement your action steps. As changes happen in your life, we adapt these action steps and strategies to meet your new situation and vision of financial success. Once a year, we do a thorough review of the plan to ensure you are on-track.

Every plan we build is unique, delivered after fully reviewing your current situation and learning your financial goals. We take a disciplined, process-driven approach, focusing on the things you can control and managing the risks of the things you cannot.


The first year starts with an initial-planning process over three meetings, a three-month follow-up meeting and an additional one to two meetings based on what we discover during our initial planning.


Subsequent years kick off with an Annual Renewal Meeting and one to two additional meetings throughout the year.


  • A written Financial Planning Summary that lays out goals, strategies, and action items.
  • Access to our 360⁰ partner network of professionals to help you get to the next level.
  • Unlimited access (via email, phone, and meetings).
  • Secure, simple, online access to all your information.

Comprehensive Planning

$3,000 per year

Full service planning and investment management

If you’re ready to leave the burden of transaction processing to us, we include all the meetings and financial reviews of the Annual Planning program. However, once you approve any recommended transactions, we will implement your plan for you and provide all confirmation and updated documents for your records.

Full Service Planning

$6,000+ per year

Project-Based Engagements

Some clients are more comfortable working with us on a project basis, coming to us needing a specific plan and meeting as needed. Once you have a plan you can spend time focusing on what’s most important in your life. Over the course of three meetings, we’ll have in-depth discussions on pertinent financial topics to help us understand what is important to you and what you’d like to accomplish. Download our one sheet here.


Your initial review will cover everyday spending, debt management, income taxes, education planning, retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, legacy building, and anything that is important to you. At this meeting, we’ll aim to fully understand your goals and what you consider “success.”


After taking a holistic look at your finances, we’ll work together to construct a personalized, comprehensive financial plan to be delivered in the Plan Delivery Meeting. This plan will review all important aspects of your financial life, highlighting where you are now, where you want to go, and fully customized advice to reach your goals.


The third meeting is a two-week follow-up, which is generally done by phone and is designed to help gauge your progress and help overcome any roadblocks you may have encountered.

Project-based Planning

$250 per hour (most project-based engagements run from 7 to 12 hours)

Areas of Expertise

As a full-service financial planning firm, we offer comprehensive wealth management capabilities, including:

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Divorce Planning
  • College Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Planning

Event Speaking: Spreading Financial Understanding

Contact us to speak about financial planning at your next public or private event. We speak on a range of topics, including:

  • Building Wealth for the Young Professional
  • College Planning Essentials

101 Lindenwood Drive, Suite 225
Malvern, PA 19355

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101 Lindenwood Drive, Suite 225
Malvern, PA 19355

See our other locations

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