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Your Goals, Your Plan

As a full-service financial planning firm, we offer comprehensive financial planning for both long-term and project-based engagements. We partner with you to understand your goals, determine where you are now, and put you on a path to success.

Financial Planning is about more than your investments.

At PlumTree, your goals drive your plan. To help you reach your goals, we work with you one-on-one to build a comprehensive plan that includes insight on tax, legacy and insurance planning – because you are more than just your investments.

Financial Planning Pyramid graphic

Meeting 1: Understanding Your Goals

We get to know your investment personality, priorities, goals, and ambitions. Understanding your goals is the first and most critical part of our partnership. We also want to understand your concerns and unique needs so we can create the best plan for you.

Analyze and Organize

After we get to know you, we carefully analyze your financial situation. We assess where you are on the path to wealth and outline strategies and opportunities to reach your goals.

Meeting 2: Reviewing Your Plan

Now that we have started to get to know you and your financial situation, we can present you a plan to help you meet your goals. We will sit down with you and review your strategic financial plan in great detail. This gives us an opportunity to work together to make a plan you are comfortable with and can succeed in executing.

Monitoring Your Progress

If you have chosen either of our Ongoing Planning or Ongoing Planning & Transaction Processing plans, after you have had a chance to live with your plan, we will meet to assess how you are doing and how the plan is working in conjunction with your everyday life. We will discuss any milestones, life events, or setbacks you may have encountered and adjust your plan accordingly.

Implementing Your Plan

We help you put your plan to work, providing as much support as you’d like. We offer three service levels to our clients in order to make sure you have exactly the help you need. We will guide you on your journey to reaching your financial goals, every step of the way. We will provide you with strategies and tips as well as answering any questions you have and providing tactical support for the day to day.

Financial Plans Are Not One-Size-Fits All. How Can we Help YOU?

PlumTree was designed to provide a different type of financial planning – we specialize in helping people make smart financial decisions that fit their situation and build plans to reach their goals. True flat-fee financial planning means that we can provide as much or as little assistance as you’d like.

Project-Based Engagements

Looking for assistance with a specific financial goal? We can deliver targeted answers to your questions or a one-time comprehensive financial plan. We’ll still go through the 5 step process so that we’re sure we understand your full financial picture. Then you can implement your plan on your own timeline. 

$250/hour (generally 7 – 12 hours)

Ongoing Planning

Our Ongoing Planning engagements are designed to help keep you on track with the plan we designed together. We will meet 4 times a year to go over any life events that have come up and financial changes you may have experienced. From there we will advise on your next steps and make sure you have everything you need to execute them.


Ongoing Planning & Transaction Processing

If you’d like assistance processing transactions on your account, we can help. If we recommend updates to your account during one of our meetings, we’ll get your express consent and approval for each transaction and then process them for you and provide all confirmation and updated documents for your records.


Do We Sound Like a Good Fit?

If you are interested in our services and would like to get to know us, we want to hear from you. Click the button below to schedule a quick 20 minute phone call where we can get to know one another and we can answer any questions about our process and services.