A Financial Plan Must be Designed to Evolve with You

Financial planning is designed to meet you where you are, and prepare you for where you are going. In other words, the first step to building your financial plan is to determine where you stand currently, financially, then envision your idea of financial independence, and outline the best path to get there. It’s never too soon and never too late to engage.

What does it take to build and implement your financial plan? Your financial plan is your path to wealth. Your advisor (or you) may build a plan for you in a few weeks, but, depending on your current situation it may take weeks or months, maybe even years to implement. But, it will be well worth it as you see yourself reach your milestones and goals and find yourself well-prepared to handle life’s events.

Your financial plan answers the questions: Am I on track to reach my goals? What additional things do I need to do to achieve financial success?, and, If I’m not on track, what moves do I need to make to improve my circumstances?

Plans For Life

As you can see, your financial plan always starts with you and your financial goals, but, it should never be static. An excellent financial plan is dynamic, designed to evolve and adapt with life’s natural unpredictability.

While constantly growing with you, your plan should build and sustain wealth and every stage of your life.This means a long-term approach that cuts through the volatility of the market, and keeps your goals in focus no matter the market conditions.

Your roadcmap to financial freedom must also be about more than investible assets – it needs to include the tools to maintain and preserve those assets – so your plan must include monetary savings, as well as tax, estate, and insurance planning. All parts of your financial picture must work together to achieve financial freedom.

Make sure you make it  a priority to revisit your Financial Plan at least once per year or when major life events occur, like a marriage, a new job, new house, or even a death in the family or divorce. Each of these events may require you to step back, change your vision of the future and take a new, or slightly adjusted, path.

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