Financial Planning is more than Investment Advice

You’ve got questions about your finances – where do you go? Most people would answer, “an investment advisor.” Maybe.

Would your investment advisor act as the quarterback for your financial portfolio and review your taxes and retirement plans to see if a Roth vs. a Traditional IRA were more appropriate for you? Would an investment advisor (or money manager or broker – you name it) review your company benefits, retirement plans and college savings to determine how much life insurance you and your spouse should have? Or, would your investment advisor take the time to review the holdings in your company 401(k) to see if they are allocated properly, and use that information to make some recommendations on the holdings in your IRAs?

If this is the type of comprehensive investment advice you are looking for, and the answer to most of the questions above was no, then you need to see a Financial Planner who provides Comprehensive Financial Planning.

While most financial advisors will invest your money, few will prepare a plan for all of your assets and all of your goals. Financial Planning starts with questions like, “What keeps you up at night?” and “Are you saving for a large purchase like a second home or college?” and used the answers to create a long-term strategy for your future – not just your cash.

Ask your advisor today if she can provide you a truly comprehensive financial plan to help you reach ALL of your financial goals.

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