What’s Your Plan?

If you read this blog regularly, you’d know that this month is about taking back the words “Financial Planner.” Nobody owns the words Financial Planner and nobody regulates their use, so anyone can call themselves a Financial Planner. I’d like to see it used properly – for advisors who provide comprehensive financial plans to their clients…Not insurance sales only or investment advice only, but, comprehensive financial planning.

What’s Your Plan?

How many times have you wondered if you’re on track with saving for retirement or college? Do you have enough life insurance? Are you really keeping your taxes as low as possible? And, we all know you’ve been putting off writing that will and other estate plans. Do you just get along and hope that when the time comes everything will work itself out? Well, most of us do – on lots of subjects, but, read on to see how having a financial plan will help build your financial confidence, and, possibly, help you save more.

You can do better. Your comprehensive financial plan actually sets you free from worry and wondering if everything will work out. Once you have a path set out for you with saving goals and milestones, you know where you’re headed and what you need to do to get there. Once you know that, the rest is gravy. You don’t have to wonder if you’re spending too much on that next vacation, or even that next latte, as long as you’re meeting your savings goals. A plan truly does set you free.

The Numbers

A survey by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards shows that people who have a comprehensive financial plan are much more confident about managing their finances than non-planners (94% vs. 53%), and have found ways to save for more of their goals than non-planners (99% vs. 44%). Americans with a written retirement plan save four times as much as those who don’t (Wells Fargo, 2014).¬†And, maybe most importantly, more people with comprehensive plans say that they “live comfortably” vs. non-planners or even limited-planners. Isn’t that what it’s about – living comfortably?

So, help yourself to reach your goals faster and realize what it feels like to be confident in your own financial success. Let a true Financial Planner put you on the road to financial independence.


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