Who Needs a Financial Plan?

The fact is, everybody needs a financial plan. From the minute you begin earning your first nickle to the time you’re ready to live off your life’s earnings, you need a plan to know that your money is working as hard for you as you are for it.

Recent Grads

Launch your financial plan and begin building wealth today through a simple, strategic roadmap for saving and spending. Your time as a student is over, but you look forward to many exciting things that are to come. As you make your first strides in the professional world, don’t overlook your financial plan. Financial planning can set you free in the present, and put you on track to achieve your many goals.

The compounded benefits of early planning and investing can put you years ahead of the pack. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get ahead.

* Especially important as part of your Launch Plan are budgeting, cash flow management, saving, debt pay down, employer benefits, tax saving opportunities and outlining and prioritizing your financial goals.

Newlyweds and Soon-to-Weds

Your new life together has started, and you’re looking out for the team. Now is the time to prepare for the future ahead, and get on the same page when it comes to your financial vision.

For the newly married couple, financial planning can empower you with a shared financial vision, and prepare you for the milestones ahead. Now is the time to outline your shared goals as a new family and work together to build a roadmap to reach them. This means reviewing your spending and saving, investments, retirement plans, insurance, taxes and estate plans, as well as what you have brought to the marriage in terms of assets, debt and “financial personality.”

Money issues will not derail you. In fact, planning your greatest financial merger will make your marriage stronger.

* At this stage Power Couples are focused on merging your financial personalities and money habits, creating shared goals, building credit, and determining the best way to take advantage of employee benefits, all while ensuring that spending, saving, tax and insurance management are all on-track.

New or Expecting Parents

Life has changed as you know it, your family has grown. Parenthood brings with it a whole new world of financial considerations and responsibilities. By re-aligning your financial plan, you’ll prepare the nest for your child and relish this joyful time.

For new or expecting parents, financial planning can ensure that you are prepared for the milestones parenthood brings, and safeguard your most precious asset. A new baby means new spending patterns. Bottles and diapers are only the beginning, you may have a change in income if one of you chooses to stay home with the baby. Expenses grow with your growing family—this is an important time to start thinking about your financial plan. Now, more than ever, it’s time to protect your family and your future.

* A baby in the Family may mean an entire shift of family goals, driving an entirely new financial plan that updates the budget, savings, tax planning and most definitely insurance and estate planning.

Wealth Builders

Amidst your many demands, it’s hard to find time to think about your bigger financial picture. Yet you often ask yourself complex questions like, “When will I be able to retire?” “Am I where I should be?” and “Do I have enough to pay for my child’s education?” By setting out a plan for the future, you’ll have confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly where you are, and how to get where you are going.

For hard working professionals, financial planning can simplify your finances, build and protect the wealth you’ve earned, and put you on track to the future you desire.

*In these peak earning years, you are in the Growth stage of building wealth. It’s time to have a financial check-up to ensure that you are on-track for goals like retirement, college planning or even a second career. Now is the time to shift into high gear in order to reach those goals.

Nearing or In Retirement

You’ve worked hard to arrive at this time in your life, and you’ve earned every moment. With your years in the workforce over, it’s time to make your money work for you.

For those who are retired, financial planning can maximize income longevity and plan for the next generation, ensuring that you enjoy your golden years and protect the wealth you’ve worked your whole life to build.

*Hopefully, all of the planning you have done until now will ensure that your Golden years are as restful or exciting as you had planned. Now you are especially sensitive to tax planning to keep taxes as low as possible both now and as you choose to pass assets on to the next generation. Estate plans should be reviewed regularly to be sure that your legacy planning proceeds just as you envisioned it.


Whether you are in the earliest stages of wealth creation, building wealth in your hard-working years, or sustaining your lifestyle while protecting the wealth you’ve built, it’s never to soon and never too late to start planning.

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